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Feltfriend 100 Pieces %100 Wool Felt Balls


$ 25,00 $ 20,00

  • You can buy on here.
  • %100 Wool
  • Diameter 20 mm : 0.78 inch per ball
  • Contains 50 Pieces Felt balls
  • Perfect for Accessories design or any craft project. Able to embroidery or stick by Hot Glue
  • Handmade in Turkey

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 4.7 × 2.7 cm

Fuchsia, Black, Pastel Blue, Orange, Light Pink, YellowGreen, Navy Blue, Red, Mustard Yellow, Green, LightGrey, Cream, PlumPurple, LightPurple, SaksBlue, LightBrown, Yellow, CongoPink, Pink

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